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So how can PrintTiger help your business?


How much would a 20% savings on your annual printing cost be worth to you?

Everyone has their favourite printers, even your staff; but have you ever asked yourself how much that actually costs? By utilising PrintTiger all suppliers are able to quote on all jobs instantly making sure the right job goes to the right printer every time.

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Do you have visibility of all quotes, across all staff to all your printers?

Whether you're a public sector organisation that needs to comply with purchasing regulations or a company that wants to ensure transparency through the ordering process, PrintTiger delivers the above board visibility at the click of a mouse. All printers are notified of a new opportunity and all quote submissions are tracked. You get to choose which printers have met your quality standards, and your staff get the power to request the work. No more obscure prices in obscure inboxes.

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How about the ability to regain control of your print orders organisation wide?

Wouldn't it be good if there was just one less purchasing hassle to worry about. With so many urgent print quotes flying in and out, it becomes impossible to gain an overview of exactly what's happening on the ground. PrintTiger changes all that by delivering live reporting, user administration, supplier analysis and dynamic graphs all from your desktop. Find out where the work's going, how much your saving and why you wished all purchasing was this easy to control.

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Legal compliance

If you're in the public sector, you have no choice but to be aware of new legislation.

The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 introduced on January 31 2006 seeks to ensure that public sector bodies award contracts in an efficient and non-discriminatory manner.

The legislation enforces the rules of aggregation, which means that purchases of any similar product (e.g. print) must be added together throughout a period of 4 years. If the totals are likely to go over the £144,371 threshold for that period, the job must be made available to all suppliers equally.

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It's simple

We bet your team are all using email to get print quotes. Probably re-typing that request time and again to the same printer. Imagine if they could just simply pull down a menu, select an old job and select new quantities in seconds. Imagine a tool so intuitive that you can print out graphs of all your purchasing in minutes. The last thing you need is to send all the staff off to a training seminar for a new whizz-bang solution, that's why we built PrintTiger so you wouldn't need to. It even makes it easier for your printers to quote.

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Organisations can have multiple buyers using PrintTiger simultaneously.

PrintTiger provides control, by making the buying process faster, easier and more cost-effective.