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Case Study: Office Depot

Office Depot
Manage all print spend for their clients, which include Lloyds TSB, Next, Imperial College, and the NHS.

Office Depot has 70 Customer Service employees that are responsible for coordinating £20m of print production for their customers. What previously was a slow, tedious and admin-heavy function within the business is now an automated, efficient and effective process through the use of PrintTiger.

"We buy a lot of print for our customers, and as such they rely heavily on us to provide a responsive, reliable, high quality service. To remain competitive in this market, we knew we needed to make improvements internally centred around streamlining our internal processes so that we could continue to deliver on our 48-hour turnaround customer promise. Put very simply, we needed to enable Customer Service staff to do their job without leaving their seats. PrintTiger gives them access to all the information they need, helping them to provide even better customer service" offers David Towler, Operations Director - Office Depot.

Office Depot has an ongoing relationship with Cordis Technologies (the software developers behind PrintTiger), and has been involved in the initial development stages of the product. As a user of PrintTiger, Office Depot has been able to drive down costs that can then be passed onto their customers. With high levels of cost reduction, its easy to see the case for an organisation of this size adopting PrintTiger, and strongly supports other organisations doing so also.


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"We looked at a range of procurement and auction tools, but none of them could handle the complexity of print buying like printTiger" Justin Candy, Head of Procurement - University of Southampton

"PrintTiger gives our staff access to all the information they need, helping them to provide even better customer service" said David Towler, Commercial Manager - Office Depot