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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Relationships

1. Isn't this just like those open market Auctions that have failed so many times before?

No, PrintTiger is a closed solution that exists only between your organisation and your approved suppliers. You control which suppliers have access, and can turn that access on and off as required.

2. Quality is just as important to us as price. How does PrintTiger distinguish between a good and poor quality supplier?

PrintTiger assumes that suppliers who have access to PrintTiger are considered equal. We suggest that before giving a supplier access to your PrintTiger site, they should undergo a formal vetting process to satisfy yourself of their quality, financial standing and reliability. That way, you won't need to rely on buyers to make a quality choice and can be confident that the only distinguishing element on a PrintTiger request is the cost submitted by suppliers.

3. What will my suppliers need to access PrintTiger?

Suppliers only require access to the Internet and a Mac or PC with modern browser and email access.

4. Won't my suppliers see this as a threat?

Our experience has that suppliers who initially see PrintTiger as a threat soon start to acknowledge the benefits of the model. The overriding benefit for suppliers is that they receive very real and very valid feedback showing where they haven't and haven't been performing. By doing this, the supplier is given an opportunity to improve where they haven't been competitive and focus more intently on areas where they have.

Using PrintTiger

1. Many of the people in my company don't know how to specify a print product. How will they be able to use PrintTiger?

In PrintTiger it is possible to setup Print Templates to make it very easy to specify a product. What's more, the templates are customised and controlled by you, so if you have for example an envelope with foil, embossing, a custom enclosure and an usual size, you could set it up as a template so that your buyers could simply request a quote for a given quantity of that envelope with a given colour print.

2. What will buyers in my organisation need to access PrintTiger?

Buyers only require access to the Internet and a Mac or PC with modern browser and email access.


1. How long does it take to get up and running?

From timet of order, PrintTiger can be up and running with your approved suppliers list in only a few days.

2. What hardware or servers do I need to run PrintTiger?

PrintTiger is a completely managed solution and your subscription includes management of the server and all software.

3. What involvement is required from my IT Department

Because the PrintTiger server application is totally managed, your IT department are not required to configure or install a server.

4. How does PrintTiger fit in with my existing Finance and Business Software?

PrintTiger is discreetly concerned with the Request for Quotation (RFQ) process. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the RFQ process is very poorly served by almost all standard purchasing systems. Secondly, we have found that our customers don't want to replace the existing purchase order system. When a Buyer selects 'Order' in PrintTiger, they will be asked for a purchase order reference, which is expected to be the reference provides by the existing purchase order solution.

5. How much does PrintTiger cost?

The cost of PrintTiger is determined by the number of users.

6. How will my suppliers and buyers know how to use it?

Guides are provided for you to give to your Buyer and Supplier and users.

7. Do you have any terms of service I can see?

Please find our full terms of service here.

"The University's early experience of PrintTiger demonstrates that the software has delivered on all its promises ... and should prove effective at measuring value for money" John Davidson, University of Southampton

Do you have visibility of all quotes, across all staff to all your printers? PrintTiger provides this in one central place.