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Case Study: University of Southampton

University of Southampton
The University is responsible for annual print spend of approximately £750,000, which is facilitated through a network of 50 buyers. In the face of new government legislation, public sectors like the University of Southampton now need to display a strict transparency to all print purchases.

New procurement Regulations entered into force on 31 January 2006 have introduced important changes to the rules governing the award of contracts by public sector authorities and utility companies. In line with the aim of modernisation, the new Regulations place more emphasis on the use of e-procurement.

The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 enforce the rules of aggregation, which means that smaller purchases (such as print) must be added together throughout a period of 4 years. If the total cost is likely to go over the £144,371 threshold for that period, the contract must be EU tendered.

"The only workable solution for print buying under the regulations is to award a framework tender and then hold a mini tender for each print job," explains Justin Candy, Head of Procurement at the University of Southampton. "Maintaining auditable integrity and helping end users easily buy off the framework agreement lends itself to a software solution."

PrintTiger is providing the University with the transparency and equal supplier opportunity that is required. The University of Southampton is one of the first universities to ensure compliance, with many of the other universities and local authorities throughout the UK sure to follow swiftly.


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"We looked at a range of procurement and auction tools, but none of them could handle the complexity of print buying like printTiger" Justin Candy, Head of Procurement - University of Southampton

"PrintTiger gives our staff access to all the information they need, helping them to provide even better customer service" said David Towler, Commercial Manager - Office Depot